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  • Episode 205 – big fat advocacy

    Interview with Dimi Dimitrov, Director of Public Policy at Wikimedia Europe, about the Big Fat Brussels Meeting VIII.

  • Episode 201 – a mini hackathon

    Interview with Siebrand Mazeland, one of the organizers of the mini hackathon in Utrecht 12 November.

  • Episode 186 – refined structure

    Structured data on Wikimedia Commons can now be edited with the 3.6 release of OpenRefine, and Sandra Fauconnier explains what that means.

  • Episode 154 – Abstract Wikipedia and Wikifunctions

    In this special episode we interview Denny Vrandečić, project manager for Abstract Wikipedia and Wikifunctions. Read more about Abstract Wikipedia and Wikifunctions on meta. You can subscribe to English episodes […]

  • Episode 133 – Wiki Loves Earth

    In this special episode we interview Anastasiia Petrova, project manager for Wiki Loves Earth international.

  • Episode 127 – Sustainability initiative

    In this special episode we interview Lukas Mezger, initiator of the Wikimedia Sustainability Initiative and chairman of Wikimedia Deutschland.

  • Episode 103 – a strategy in transition

    The strategy is moving forward, it's transitioning into implementation. What that means and some background is on the agenda in this special interview episode with Mehrdad Pourzaki and Kaarel Vaidla.

  • Episode 77 – WikiJournals

    In this special episode we interview Thomas Shafee, managing director for the WikiJournals user group and editor-in-chief for WikiJournal of Science. We talk both about the user group itself but also what the journals on Wikiversity are.

  • Episode 74 – right on brand

    In this special episode we interview Zack McCune, Director of Brand at Wikimedia Foundation. The topic is of course the brand project that is going on right now.

  • Episode 72 – Wikimedia 2030, a strategy interview

    In this special episode we interview Nicole Ebber, program manager for the Movement strategy work. We hear about the challenges and the possibilities that the future brings.

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